FedLearn Coaching

We are pleased to offer executive and Agile coaching under our expanding umbrella of learning solutions. FedLearn coaches are vetted by our experts, and all share professional experiences working with FedGov and GovCon clients.

Investing in professional coaching is a highly effective and proven way for executives and people managers at all levels of their careers to become better leaders and for teams to prosper in new world of work rapidly evolving due to digital transformation.

Executive Coaches

Whether dealing with a geographically diverse team or other challenges, determining how to support digital transformation or wanting to grow as a leader, our executive coaches deliver access to the right resources to address any areas for improvement so you can become a better and more effective leader in support of your organization’s mission.

Meet Our Executive Coaches

Agile Coaches

To help enable the transformation of the Department of Defense to an AI-ready organization by 2025, FedLearn offers Agile coaches who are experienced pros in bringing Agile methodologies to your team or organization in support of successful change. Our coaches bring varied experiences across a multitude of project types, including those in FedGov and GovCon.

Meet Our Agile Coaches

Review the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our two coaching programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Coaching

If I am interested in connecting with two of the FedLearn executive coaches, how do I contact them to determine which coach would be a better fit for me?

If you find any executive coaches on FedLearn that you are interested in engaging with, email so we can connect you to determine a good fit.

How do I pay for my executive coach?

Once you have found your executive coach, revisit FedLearn to choose the coaching package from the choices provided.

What are the executive coaching packages?

Three-month "Kick Start Your Development" package that includes six hours of 1:1 coaching, a validated self-assessment, one manager alignment check-in and development plan. Total package fee is $3,500

Six-month "Deepen Your Effectiveness" package includes 12 hours of 1:1 coaching, a validated online 360 assessment, two manager alignment check-ins and development of coaching goals. Total package fee is $5,000

Additional hours of coaching can be added to either package for $350/hour

What type of assessments are used by the executive coaches?

It is up to each executive coach’s discretion regarding which online assessments and/or live interview assessments he/she decides to include.

Agile Coaching

If I have a project requiring an Agile coach, how do I get in touch with him/her/they?

If you find any Agile coaches on FedLearn who you are interested in working with, contact us at so we can connect you.

How do I pay for my Agile coach?

Once you have found your ideal Agile coach, email and we will assist you with invoicing and payment.

What if we need an Agile coach for a long-term engagement?

Contact us at to discuss long-term contract options.