Introduction to AI/Machine Learning Concepts & Terminology

Begin your learning journey about AI and machine learning by understanding their foundational concepts and terminology.

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About This AI Course

The ability of the U.S. Department of Defense to become an artificial intelligence-ready enterprise by 2025 is dependent on its military and civilian workforce having the right knowledge and skills to leverage these technology solutions.

To work within AI and machine learning operating environments, you need to have good, foundational understanding of their concepts and terminology. This knowledge prepares you to work with AI applications, interpret their outputs and provide recommendations on potential new solutions.

This interactive, online course introduces the fundamental concepts and key terms of AI and machine learning.

Importantly, you will learn about the key concepts that support the DoD AI Strategy. By understanding these components, the ability of the DoD to scale AI technology solutions across the enterprise will improve dramatically.

What You Will Learn

  • Define AI and machine learning
  • Understand the three types of AI
  • Identify the different types of machine learning
  • Describe how artificial intelligence works
  • Explain the role of training data in machine learning

This course is aligned with the DoD AI and AI Education strategies. It is the first of seven FedLearn courses designed for the Employ AI archetype (or employee group)—the largest in the Department.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is perfect for any DoD, U.S. Intelligence Community or government contractor professional interested in gaining foundational knowledge about AI and machine learning.



This course is the first in the FedLearn Employ AI archetype learning path.

After completing this course, it is highly recommended to take the other courses that are part of this learning path—Data Visualization (AIDATA107), Basic Data Management (AIDATA108), Design Thinking (AISPT101), Current AI Use Cases in DoD (AISPT105), Responsible AI in the DoD (AIETHICS101) and Cyber Risks and Vulnerabilities (AICYBER101)—to continue to advance your knowledge.

Course Certificate

To achieve a course certificate of completion, you must score 80 percent or higher on graded lesson quizzes and a final exam.

Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Pricing

Individual courses are $124.99 (per person)

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Continuing Education Unit Credits

This course provides .2 CEUs.