Janes OSINT Masterclass

Take the first step in gaining introductory knowledge about open-source intelligence tradecraft by enrolling in this Janes Tradecraft "101" course, which is perfectly designed for intelligence analysts undertaking OSINT activity as part of their roles.

About this Course

Vision: In a rapidly evolving digital world where national security and government organizations are increasingly dependent on timely, relevant accurate and actionable open source intelligence, Janes Tradecraft is delivering online training and support material to enable those organizations to exploit open source information, improving their planning and decision-making processes. Janes Tradecraft is the consolidation of more than 120 years of OSINT experience into a subscription-based professional development program.

Janes Tradecraft is an online subscription-based learning platform. Janes Tradecraft courses are modular and progressive courses that can be completed independently. These courses are based on a combination of established intelligence tradecraft and Janes internal open-source intelligence processes.

The course content can be viewed across multiple devices and is entirely self-contained. Where additional software or hardware is required for a specific course, Janes lists options and provides advice.

About Janes Tradecraft 101: Open-Source Intelligence Course

This course focuses on intelligence processes and OSINT tradecraft techniques and techniques. It is the foundational course for all subsequent Janes Tradecraft courses.

The approximate time to complete the course is 40 hours.

(Note: Access to other Janes Tradecraft courses is available via an enterprise-wide subscription service with Janes.)

Who Should Take This Course

The "101" course and other Janes Tradecraft courses are primarily intended for intelligence analysts undertaking OSINT activity as part of their roles in national security and government organizations. However, private-sector security and defense industry personnel or contractors, academics and other researchers would likely also benefit from the techniques and tradecraft included in the course content.



Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Pricing

$2,250 (individual)

After purchasing the course, FedLearn will share your individual registration information with Janes. Janes then will review the registration and will contact you directly with information to access and start taking the course.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact FedLearn at info@fedlearn.com.

Janes offers a group discount for organizations interested in multiple seats in the course. Please contact FedLearn at info@fedlearn.com to learn more.