Your Account

How do I register for a FedLearn account?
  1. Click the "Register" button at the top menu of fedlearn.com
  2. Once on the registration page, enter four required fields:

    • Full name - Your first name and last name with a space in between each
    • Email - The email address that you would like to associate with your account
    • Password – A password that must be eight characters long and contain one uppercase character, one number and one special character (e.g., $, #)
    • Confirm password – Your selected password (reenter it)
  3. When finished, click the "Create Account" button

Once successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a validation link to complete the registration process. After doing so, you can log in.

How do I view or edit my FedLearn account profile information and/or reset my password?
  1. After successfully logging in, left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "My account" on the drop-down menu
  3. From this view, you can add or edit these fields and/or reset your password:

    • Upload a profile picture (image must be less than 3MB)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Job title
    • Agency/company
    • Country
    • City
  4. After you have finished making any changes, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page
What is my FedLearn username?

Your FedLearn username is the email address attached to your account.

How do I log out of my FedLearn account?
  1. Left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "Logout" on the drop-down menu
How do I view my account history?
  1. After successfully logging in, left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "My account" on the drop-down menu
  3. Select "History" on the middle menu
  4. You can then view:

    • Following influencers – Influencers you wish to keep tabs on based on your individual interests or professional goals
    • Watching history – Content/courses you have accessed to date
    • Bookmarked courses – Content/courses you are interested in accessing in the future

Purchasing and Accessing Content/Courses

How do I access elearning courses I have purchased from the FedLearn catalog?

Purchased courses are available on the home page of the platform. Simply scroll down the page until you see the "Purchased Courses" carousel and click on the desired course to access it.

You can also access the course via "My Account"

My Account

  1. Left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "My account" on the drop-down menu
  3. Click on "Purchases" in the middle menu
  4. Click on the name of the individual course you wish to access
How do I purchase an elearning course from the FedLearn catalog?

There are two ways to begin. First, either:

  1. Review detailed course descriptions on fedlearn.com by clicking on "Courses" on the top menu of the homepage. Once registered, you will be directed to that specific course page to purchase.
  2. Review shorter course descriptions and purchase directly after you are registered and are logged in:

    1. Search for courses by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage (just to the left of your name and profile image). Any courses or content associated with your search will be displayed.
    2. After finding a course of interest, click on the course summary box to review information about the course content and price. Note: Some content on the platform (e.g., videos, podcasts, reports and other documents) is available at no cost to you. After clicking on a free content summary card, you will be immediately directed to the material for your review.

To purchase:

  1. Click the red "Buy" button
  2. Securely input your credit card and other information and click the red "Pay" button. After payment is processed, you will receive a receipt via email.
  3. Your course will automatically appear so you can access it (if you wish to access the course on another visit, refer to How do I access elearning courses I have purchased from the FedLearn catalog?)
How do I search for FedLearn content/courses?

After logging in, click the magnifying glass icon at the upper right-hand of the homepage (just to the left of your name and profile image) and enter any keywords to search for content/courses of interest.

Is any of the FedLearn content free?

Yes! All content on the platform (e.g., videos, podcasts and reports and other documents) with the exception of FedLearn elearning courses are free to access anytime.

How do I access free content?

After finding any free content of interest (refer to "How do I search for FedLearn content/courses?"), click on the content summary box for immediate access.


What is "My Desk" function?

"My Desk" is where you can view your learning history, goals and analytics (your individual progress and metrics). The last course or piece of content you accessed on the platform also will be provided there.

How do I access "My Desk?"

Click on "My Desk" on the top menu of each page on the platform. You will see the most recent content/course you purchased or accessed. If this is the first time you access this feature, default content/course will be featured.

What is the "Goals" function?

"Goals" are determined by you and/or your manager to determine the type of content/courses you should access in support of your professional development. We call this "My Perfect Brain."

You and/or your manager can select categories of learning material and assign a percentage of importance to each category based on your specific job requirements. The percentages you choose for the combined categories must equal a total of 100 percent.

On the "Goals" page you can see the FedLearn content/courses we recommend based on your needs and review your real-time learning progress.

How do I access "Goals?"
  1. After successfully logging in, left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "My account" on the drop-down menu
  3. Select "Goals" on the middle menu
What is the "Peers" function?

"Peers" is your socialization tool. Use it to connect and communicate with your fellow learners.

How do I access "Peers?"

This feature is accessible on the top menu of each page of the platform.

Who is an "influencer?"

An "influencer" is a recognized subject matter expert in a particular field(s) of knowledge. Influencers can be world-recognized thought leaders or an individual(s) or organization(s) with a great deal of knowledge to share about a particular subject.

You can "follow" influencers and receive updates from them on FedLearn. You can also search for an influencer's content by searching for their full name (refer to "How do I search for FedLearn content/courses?").

How do I access the "Influencer" feature?

This feature is accessible on the top menu of each page of the platform (refer to "How do I search for FedLearn content/courses?").

What are "Posts?"

Posts allow you to make notes for your reference or review about a particular piece of content or course.

How do I access "Posts?"

On the right of any content/course page you can type your note in the box under "add post." Then click the red "Post" button to add. All posts are located underneath the "Post" button—in descending order with the oldest posts located at the top of the list.

What feedback features are available for content/courses?

You can provide feedback by "liking" and rating content/courses. Your feedback is incredibly important. Please moment or two to provide any feedback to the benefit of your fellow learners.

How do I provide content/course feedback?
  • Click on a content/course summary box
  • In the black box below information about the content/course you can:

    • "Like" the course/content by clicking the heart icon on the top left of the box
    • Rate the content/course by clicking the stars at the bottom right of the box (five stars is the highest rating; one star is the lowest)

In addition, you can save course/content for future access by clicking the ribbon icon in the black box.

If you have more substantial feedback to share about your experience on FedLearn or any content/courses, email helpdesk@fedlearn.com. We want to hear from you.

Are any shortcuts available to access FedLearn features?

Yes! At the top left-hand side of each content/course page is a circle icon with four boxes. Click the circle icon to display three icons. Then click the icons to quickly access these features:

  • Dartboard ="Goals"
  • " Heartbeat" line = "Analytics"
  • Clock = "History"

AI-Powered Learner Analytics

What individual analytics (metrics) are available for my review?

FedLearn offers a variety of helpful and interesting metrics for you to review:

  • Comments – Total number of comments you have made on the platform (including any posts)
  • Likes – Total number of "likes" you have made for any content/courses you have accessed
  • Videos – Total number of videos you have accessed
  • Podcasts – Total number of podcasts you have accessed
  • Texts – Total text files (publications, reports, books and more) you have accessed
  • Total time watched –Total time you spent watching video on FedLearn
  • Total time listened –Total timeyou spent listening to audio/podcasts on FedLearn
  • Total time read – Total time you spent reading publications, reports and other documents on FedLearn
  • Total SCORM time – Total time you spent in traditional elearning courses on FedLearn
  • Top-five interactions with influencers and peers
How do I view my analytics?

There are two easy ways to view your analytics:

The first is by clicking on "My Data" on the top menu of the home page.

The second is by accessing your account:

  1. After logging in, left click on your name at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. Select "My account"
  3. Select "Analytics" in the middle menu
  4. You then can view your learning metrics on the page displayed

Note: You can also use a shortcut to view analytics by clicking the circle icon at the top left-hand corner of each course/content page and then clicking the "heartbeat" line icon.

What are the Z1 and Z2 scores?

When you review any piece of content or online course on the platform, your Z1 score is calculated using a proprietary methodology for identifying knowledge transfer. Learner clickstream data are mined to find "motifs" or patterns of interactions that indicate whether (or not) someone is learning. You can learn more about motifs by clicking here to access a PDF of peer-revised paper from the journal, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.

From these motifs, we calculate a Z1 score ranging from 0 to 100. The score is calculated relative to other learners who accessed that particular piece of content or course. A score of 0 indicates a relatively low knowledge transfer and a score of 100 indicates a relatively high knowledge transfer.

A Z2 score is the average of all Z1 scores for a particular piece of content or online course. This score does not include learners who have not yet viewed that specific asset.

Technical Support

What are the supported browsers for FedLearn?

Most current browsers will work. For best performance, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

What should I do if I experience any technical challenges?

Many problems, server error messages or other page display issues are caused by your browser. Here are some things to try to remedy:

  • Make sure your browser is a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Check your browser settings to make sure both JavaScript and cookies are enabled
  • Clear your browser's cache. Click on these links for instructions on clearing your cache on different browsers:

If you experience any other technical issues, contact the FedLearn help desk at helpdesk@fedlearn.com or 703.253.6229 for prompt support.

We are available Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Eastern time. If you reach out afterhours, we will respond as quickly as possible the following morning (and on Monday morning if contacting us over the weekend).

Honor Code

What is the FedLearn honor code?

The FedLearn honor code, together with our Terms of service and Privacy policy, are agreements between you and FedLearn. By using the FedLearn site, you are agreeing to be legally bound by these agreements.

Put simply, the FedLearn honor code states that by enrolling in a course, you agree to:

  • Complete all tests and assignments on your own, unless collaboration on an assignment is explicitly permitted
  • Maintain only one user account and not let anyone else use your username and/or password
  • Not engage in any activity that would dishonestly improve your results or improve or harm the results of your fellow learners
  • Not to post answers to any questions within courses (e.g., quizzes, tests) beyond the assessments, themselves

Note: Some of the courses may also have specific agreements for learner collaboration and discussion.